"Making Flippy Floppy" Jamie Powell

Jamie Powell

"Making Flippy Floppy"

Gallery 310

October 11–December 6, 2013


"Powell's abstraction is characterized by pattern and a willingness to treat the picture plane as a device to be penetrated, so her "figures" to be punctures, like a mouth or a pair of eyes. It's a bit like Steve Parrino burlesquing with Joyce Pensato through the language of Support/Surface. You can see where I'm going with this. Powell is in the middle of a conversation about sexy form-giving that seemingly engages an entire culture of thought and attitude. One can draw a vital formal thread from Rauschenberg’s “Yoicks” to Stella’s “Exotic Birds” and on to Mary Heilmann and such painter/sculptors as Jessica Stockholder and Franz West in Powell’s painting. There’s also a strong presence of graffiti culture in her work, a roguish element of street vernacular that continues to be a vital source for late modernist energy. Powell's art is luscious, funny and astute. "

Stephen Westfall
American painter, critic, author, and professor at Bard College and Rutger's University

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