Studio Art

The Studio Art program at Marietta College trains the mind for critical thinking and creative problem solving through the investigation of the visual arts, history, and culture.

Beyond foundational training, students choose a core concentration in either painting or photography. The student-centered program allows many to combine the major with other areas of study such as, business, psychology, leadership, and English, to prepare for careers in a range of fields that include art therapy, gallery management, and teaching. The program also permits the possibility for an international experience to prime students for work and life in a global and culturally diverse world.

The Studio Art program at Marietta College co-exists in the Hermann Fine Arts Center with Graphic Design. This interdisciplinary relationship reinforces the department's goal of merging both tradition and concept in image making.

What can you do with a major in Studio Art?

In the Studio Art program you learn problem solving, critical thinking, and time management skills for use in many fields and disciplines in the world of work.

  • Art Therapy : Along with a major or minor in psychology, Studio Art prepares students for graduate level studies.
  • Art Gallery : Curating, planning, and executing exhibitions on a rotating basis
  • Art Museums : Researching exhibition proposals, curating, planning and executing exhibitions on a small and large scale.
  • Illustration : Working with clients on large and small projects for marketing and branding purposes.
  • Instruction : Developing artistic and creative images and processes through instruction.

Student Expectations and Costs

Students do not need a portfolio to be accepted into the Studio Art program. Prospective students who do have a well developed portfolio of Studio Art or Graphic Design may wish to apply for the Art Scholarship. There is a formal review of student work during the sophomore year. This student presentation to the Studio Art and Graphic Deign Faculty serves as a critical assessment of the student’s progress, and is aimed at evaluating the students success, commitment, and future potential in the program.

Students who wish to earn a degree a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art will have financial and time commitments particular to the discipline. Students are expected to purchase all studio media for art classes as well as needed textbooks. Most studio classes have additional ancillary fees used to fund the costs of the studio operation and upkeep.

A dedication and commitment to personal development is also expected of students majoring in Studio Art. Unique and original ideas are encouraged and fostered in the program. Students who are able to make time outside of the classroom to develop their skill, craft, and own independent sensibilities and styles will benefit the greatest.

Due to the programs close relationship with the Graphic Design Program, many students double major in Studio and Graphic Design.

Requirements for a Minor in Art

Due to the programs close relationship with the Studio Art Program; many students seek an additional Minor in Studio Art. The requirements to receive this distinction are as follows.

  • ART 101 : Drawing I
  • ART 102 : Drawing II
  • ART 203 : Flat & Solid Design
  • 3 hours of Art History
  • 9 hours of Studio Art or Art History electives